Returnees and Internally Displaced Person (IDPS)
Returnees and Internally Displaced Person (IDPS)
Since 2002, CRP/K is actively engaged in legal support of returnees and IDPs.
Category of returnees include Kosovo’s refugees in the region, mainly in Serbia, Montenegro and B&H. CRP/K assists them in various legal issues such as personal documentation, property issues, education, health and other forms of assistance aiming to provide their sustainable return and reintegration in Kosovo society.
In addition, CRP/K assists returnees in the process of repatriation, including person’s voluntary of forcibly returned from Western Europe countries.
IDPs are persons internally displaced in Kosovo. There is still a number of 20.000 persons, mainly from Serbian and RAE communities, who are displaced from their places of origin. They are actively assisted in various legal issues, aiming to ensure their integration in the place of the current residence or their return to the place of origin.
From its creation up to date, CRP/K assisted over 100.000 persons in need, mainly from minority communities in Kosovo.