A Training on the Guideline for interpreters in Refugee Status Determination Procedure

On 20th of October 2016, the CRPK, Pillar I,  Asylum and Migration staff conducted a training for the translators/interpreters involved in the Refugee Status Determination (RSD). The interpreting participants involved were from CRP/K, DCAM-MIA, and interpreters from KRCT. The main topics covered at the training were, the methodology of interpretation, preparation beforehand and behavior during the entire process of interviewing of the asylum seeker/s and a Code of Conduct. These topics are part of the Guideline drafted by CRPK in accordance with the International Standards and exclusively for the interpreters involved in RSD procedures


The training was made possible with the support from UNHCR Mission Office in Prishtina. 
About Us
The Civil Rights Program in Kosovo (CRP/K) was founded by The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) 1999. CRP/K continued with its activities under this framework until 2004 when from 1 December of the respective year it has functioned as an independent non-governmental organization. As from this year, CRP/K conducts its activities as non-governmental human rights based organization and it is an implementing partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in implementation of the projects related to free legal assistance in the territory of Kosovo.
CRP/K is an organization that provides free legal assistance and counseling for returnees, asylum seekers, displaced persons in Kosovo, persons at risk of statelessness and to persons who are considered to be vulnerable in realization of their civil rights. Such help is provided without discrimination of any kind. CRP/K presents the beneficiaries in the procedures before court.
CRP/K objective is to enhance the protection of human rights and freedoms, to address legal obstacles through representation of the interests of its beneficiaries, to facilitate access to gender and diversity sensitive information and necessary documentation with the aim to promote equal access to services for all communities in Kosovo.
CRP/K is an ally of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), which is a pan-European alliance of 82 NGOs protecting and advancing the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons.
Cooperation of CRP/K with ECRE is focused on further improvement of finding durable solution and realization of refugee and asylum seekers rights, as mission of ECRE is to promote the establishment of fair and humane European asylum policies and practices in accordance with international human rights law.
CRP/K legally assists refugees and persons seeking asylum seekers in Kosovo and is recognized as one of the main actors in protection and legal representation of this category of people in need. Therefore, CRP/K is fully committed to benefit from exchange of knowledge and expertise within ECRE alliance.
Border Monitoring Officer

The Civil Rights Project Kosovo (CRP/K) is human rights based NGO and UNHCR implementing partner in legal protection programs. CRP/K addresses legal issues related to refugees, asylum seekers, persons at risk of statelessness, IDPs, returnees and other vulnerable categories of Kosovo population.


No. of positions: 1

Duty station: Pris(h)tina


Main duties and responsibilities:

·         Conduct Border Monitoring visits at the official crossing points/green border;

·         Ensure regular collection of relevant data and prompt reporting on identified Protection Incidents as per UNHCR's guidelines;

·         Draft comprehensive reports and share findings with relevant stakeholders;

·         Identify protection gaps on arrival, barriers to entry;

·         Identify abusive treatment, were there any incidents of rejection at the border human smuggling; expulsions, if needs not met;

·         Identify persons with special needs, refugees not differentiated from migrants, how many minors, vulnerable, women, men, routes they have taken to arrive, routes they have taken to go out of Kosovo, did they face any troubles or support needed during the transit,etc.;

·         Maintain cooperation with relevant Border Police and establish communication with the local communities to enhance sources of information;

·         Increase cross-border cooperation through engagement in joint activities and exchanging information;

·         Should have capacity to support on other issues given by Coordinator.



Eligibility Requirements:

-          University Degree in Law;

-          Good knowledge of  International Refugee Law and domestic legal framework governing asylum and migration area; 

-          Experience in asylum related issues;

-          Excellent knowledge of English language;

-          Computer skills including Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel;

-          High flexibility and ability to work under pressure;

-          Excellent writing skills

-          Valid driving license.


Duration of the contract:  one (1) year, with the possibility of extension.


Both positions require initiative, professional attitude, cooperation skills and the willingness to work in a multi-ethnic environment.


The activities of CRP/K are founded on the principle that all human beings have the right to a life in peace, liberty and justice, as stated in the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Anyone working for CRP/K must commit himself/herself to follow this principle and strive to protect the fundamental human rights and freedoms of people of all nationalities, without any discrimination. 


To apply, please submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter by January 12th, 2020 at 16:00 hrs, through email address: reception@crpkosovo.org


Only short-listed candidates will be invited for the interview.



Siguri për Qëniet Njerëzore dhe Kufinjtë - Lufta kundër Trafikimit të Emigrantëve në Ballkanin Perëndimor

Kjo nisëm publikohet si pjesë e projektit “Siguri për Qëniet Njerëzore dhe Kufinjtë – Lufta Kundër Trafikimit të Migrantëve në Ballkanin Perëndimor”, i cili po zhvillohet si një reagim i 7 organizatave të shoqërisë civile, pjesë të Këshillit të Ballkanit për Refugjatët dhe Migrantët (BRMC): Komiteti Shqiptar i Helsinkit (KSHH), Qendra e Beogradit për të Drejtat e Njeriut (BCHR), ), Aleanca Qytetare nga Mali i Zi (GAMN); Programi për të Drejtat Civile në Kosovë (CRP/K); Shoqata e Avokatëve të Rinj Maqedonas (MYLA), Vaša prava Bosnje dhe Hercegovinë (VP BiH) dhe Këshilli Danez për Refugjatët (DRC), për t’i dhënë zgjidhje problemit të trafikimit të migrantëve në Ballkanin Perëndimor. Projekti financohet nga Bashkimi Evropian në kuadër të  Programit të Shoqërisë Civile dhe Medias 2018-2019 me titullin “Zgjerimi i angazhimit të OSHC në mbrojtje menaxhimin e ndjeshëm të emigracionit.

Propozimet e projektit, aplikimet për sesionin e informacionit, marrjen e dokumenteve si dhe të gjitha pyetjet dhe kërkesat për ndonjë sqarim duhet të dërgohen në e-mail: crp.fin@crpkosovo.org

Security for Human Beings and Borders - Combating Migrant Trafficking in the Western Balkans

This initiative is published as part of the project "Security for Human Beings and Borders - Fight against Migrant Trafficking in the Western Balkans", which is being developed as a response of 7 civil society organizations, part of the Balkan Council for Refugees and Migrants (BRMC ): Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), Belgrade Center for Human Rights (BCHR),) Montenegrin Civic Alliance (GAMN); Kosovo Civil Rights Program (CRP / K); The Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA), Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina (VP BiH) and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), to address the problem of migrant trafficking in the Western Balkans. The project is funded by the European Union under the Civil Society and Media Program 2018-2019 entitled "Expanding the engagement of CSOs in defense of sensitive immigration management. 
Project proposals, applications for info session, as well as all questions and requests for any clarifications should be sent to e-mail: crp.fin@crpkosovo.org

Bezbednost za ljudska bića i granice - Borba protiv trgovine migrantima na zapadnom Balkanu

Ova inicijativa objavljena je u okviru projekta „Bezbednost za ljudska bića i granice - borba protiv trgovine migrantima na zapadnom Balkanu“, koji se razvija kao odgovor 7 organizacija civilnog društva, deo Balkanskog saveta za izbeglice i migrante (BRM): Albanski helsinški komitet (AHC), Beogradski centar za ljudska prava (BCHR),) Crnogorska građanska alijansa (GAMN); Kosovski program za građanska prava (CRP/K); Makedonsko udruženje mladih pravnika (MILA), Vaša prava Bosna i Hercegovina (VP BiH) i Dansko vijeće za izbjeglice (DRC), za rešavanje problema trgovine migrantima na zapadnom Balkanu. Projekat finansira Evropska unija u okviru Programa civilnog društva i medija 2018-2019 pod nazivom „Proširivanje angažovanja CSOs u odbrani osetljivog upravljanja imigracijom.

Predlozi projekata, prijave za informativnu sesiju, kao i sva pitanja i zahteve za pojašnjenjem treba poslati na imejl: crp.fin@crpkosovo.org


Civil Rights Program Kosovo (CRPK)  publishes information leaflets on risks and possible consequences associated with irregular movement and dangers of undertaking unsafe journeys.

Në vazhdën e aktiviteteve të Programit për të Drejtat Civile/Kosovë (CRP/K) për të shënuar Ditën Ndërkombëtare të Refugjatëve, CRP/K në cilësinë e organizatës partnere të UNHCR Zyra në Prishtinë, publikon fletushkat informuese për personat në nevojë për mbrojtje ndërkombëtare mbi pasojat dhe rreziqet e mundshme që u kanosen atyre nga përdorimi i rrugëve ilegale të migrimit. Këto fletushka do të përkthehen në tetë gjuhë të huaja dhe do t’u shpërndahen personave ne nevoje.


Uz ostale aktivnosti Program Građanskih Prava / Kosovo (CRP / K) povodom obeležavanja Međunarodnog Dana Izbeglica, CRP / K kao partnerska organizacija Kancelarije UNHCR-a u Prištini objavljuje letke sa informacijama za ljude kojima je potrebna međunarodna zaštita o mogućim posledicama i rizicima usled korišćenja ilegalnih ruta migracije. Ovi  letci biće prevedeni na osam stranih jezika i distribuirani onima kojima je to potrebno.


Following the activities of the Civil Rights Program/Kosovo (CRP/K) on marking the International Refugee Day, CRP/K as a partner organization of UNHCR Office in Pristina, publishes information leaflets for people in need of international protection, on the possible consequences and risks posed to them by the use of illegal migration routes. These leaflets will be translated in eight (8) different languages and will be disseminated to persons of concern. 

Civil Rights Program/Kosovo organized a workshop entitled “Interviewing children seeking asylum”

22 September 2015, Prishtinë/PristinaCivil Rights Program/Kosovo (CRP/K), with the support of UNHCR’s office in Kosovo, has organized a workshop entitled “Interviewing children seeking asylum”.

The aim of the workshop was to include representatives of the stakeholders in the field of asylum in discussions on the importance of developing specific capacities and techniques in interviewing children seeking asylum. Discussions included the importance of such procedure in protection of the rights of the children seeking asylum and produce conclusions and recommendations on the way forward.  

The workshop was attended by representatives of Department for Citizenship, Asylum and Migration of Ministry for Internal Affairs including its Asylum Division, National Council for Refugees, Asylum Seeker’s Centre and Detention Center for Foreigners, Kosovo Police, Office of Prime Minister, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government Administration, Center for Social Welfare of Pristina municipality, IOM, UNHCR and Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT).

One of the conclusions was that developing a specific approach and techniques on interviewing children seeking asylum is of utmost importance for protection and respecting of their rights in accordance with international standards which are also guaranteed by national legislative framework.

Kosovo Institutions which are involved in the asylum procedures should furthermore develop their capacities in relation to this specific category.