Senior Border Monitoring Officer
Senior Border Monitoring Officer

No. of positions: 1

Duty station: Pris(h)tina


Main duties and responsibilities:


·         Conduct Border Monitoring visits at the official crossing points/green border;

  • Stay abreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments that have an impact on the protection environment pertaining refugees.

·         Ensure regular collection of relevant data and prompt reporting on identified Protection Incidents as per UNHCR's guidelines;

·         Draft comprehensive reports and share findings with relevant stakeholders;

·         Identify protection gaps on arrival, barriers to entry;

·         Identify abusive treatment, were there any incidents of rejection at the border human smuggling; expulsions, if needs not met;

·         Identify persons with special needs, refugees not differentiated from migrants, how many minors, vulnerable, women, men, routes they have taken to arrive, routes they have taken to go out of Kosovo, did they face any troubles or support needed during the transit,etc.;

·         Maintain cooperation with relevant Border Police and establish communication with the local communities to enhance sources of information;

·         Increase cross-border cooperation through engagement in joint activities and exchanging information;

·         Undertake training and development activities as required to develop skills and abilities which will enable the Senior Border Monitoring Officer to fulfil the purpose of the role and support the success of colleagues in refugee protection activities, on access to the territory for refugees;

·         Should have capacity to support on other issues given by Coordinator and assist the Coordinator on managing of the work flow of the Border Monitoring officers.



Eligibility Requirements:

·         University Degree in Law;

·         Good knowledge of  International Refugee Law and domestic legal framework governing asylum and migration area; 

·         Experience in asylum related issues;

·         At least two years working experience in legal issues

·         Excellent knowledge of English language;

·         Computer skills including Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel;

·         High flexibility and ability to work under pressure;

·         Excellent writing skills

·         Valid driving license.


To apply, please submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter by January 12th, 2020 at 16:00 hrs, through email address:


Only short-listed candidates will be invited for the interview.