Workshop on
"The return and sustainable reintegration of repatriated persons through Legal Aid and Counseling"
The Civil Rights Program organized a workshop on 05th of November 2013, with the intention of promoting the guaranteed rights as foreseen under the revised strategy for reintegration of persons re-admitted in Kosovo.
This table was organized with the financial support of the Swedish organization, Civil Rights Defenders - CRD and is part of the project "Return and sustainable reintegration of repatriated persons through Legal Aid and Counseling".
The objectives of this project include advocacy, monitoring and reviewing the strategy, informing the readmitted persons with respect to their rights under the national legislation and provision of legal assistance and advice to the concerned communities (Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian) in the region of Gjilan, Ferizaj and Kamenica.
The purpose of this workshop was to invite the responsible authorities from institutions dealing with readmission, in order to discuss the general situation of the communities, particularly the challenges and opportunities of the re-integration of the said communities within the Kosovo society.
Throughout this workshop, it was discussed about the situation of the deported Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians, who face numerous obstacles related to realization of their human rights, i.e. lack of information on personal documents, statelessness, challenges related to their property issues, finding housing and the overall difficulties associated with access to education, health, employment and social welfare.
This meeting was attended by officials from various institutions such as the Bureau for Reintegration, Office for Human Rights within the Municipalities, Office for Civil Registration, Office of Social Welfare, Employment Office, CRD, UNHCR and OSCE.