Integration Officer
Integration Officer

The Civil Rights Project Kosovo (CRP/K) is human rights based NGO and UNHCR implementing partner in legal protection programs. CRP/K addresses legal issues related to refugees, asylum seekers, persons at risk of statelessness, IDPs, returnees and other vulnerable categories of Kosovo population. 


No. of positions: 1

Duty station: Pris(h)tina


Main duties and responsibilities:


·         Stay abreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments that have an impact on the protection environment pertaining refugees;

·         Advocate for and monitor the development and implementation of laws and doctrine pertaining to refugees;

·         Provide legal advice on issues pertaining to refugees;

·     Engage with external partners and stakeholders, including governments, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, etc, on issues related to refugee integration;

·         Handle individual cases and situations raising special needs on integration;

·         Assist in the supervision and oversight of integration and integration-related activities to promote full compliance with applicable laws and guidelines;

·         Create, manage and maintain case files and ensure that all relevant documentation is completed to the highest standards;

·         Undertake an assessment of client needs of new refugees;

·         Provide counseling to refugees;

·         Monitor the level of integration of refugees, identify protection gaps and intervene;

·         Initiate and carry out regular case reviews as required to ensure refugees are on the right path to achieve their potential;

·         Conduct research on public attitude towards refugees and report any xenophobic pattern identified;

·         Provide legal aid to refugees in the process of legal integration including naturalisation opportunities;

·         Assist in initiatives to advocate with and support Government authorities and partners to establish and strengthen fair and efficient integration procedures;

·         Support the development and implementation of integration training initiatives for Government authorities and partners;

·         Deliver outreach services in a variety of community settings;

·         Produce comprehensive reports on bi-annual and ad-hoc basis.



Eligibility Requirements:

-          University Degree in Law;

-          Good knowledge of  International Refugee Law and domestic legal framework governing asylum and migration area; 

-          Good knowledge of domestic legal framework governing the integration issues;

-          Experience in asylum related issues;

-          Excellent knowledge of English language;

-          Computer skills including Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel;

-          High flexibility and ability to work under pressure;

-          Excellent writing skills;

-          Valid driving license.



Duration of the contract:  one (1) year, with the possibility of extension.


Both positions require initiative, professional attitude, cooperation skills and the willingness to work in a multi-ethnic environment.


The activities of CRP/K are founded on the principle that all human beings have the right to a life in peace, liberty and justice, as stated in the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Anyone working for CRP/K must commit himself/herself to follow this principle and strive to protect the fundamental human rights and freedoms of people of all nationalities, without any discrimination. 


To apply, please submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter by January 10th 2019 at 16:00 hrs, through email address:


Only short-listed candidates will be invited for the interview.